Behind These Prison Walls









  In 2012 former New York City Correction officer Lorenzo Steele Jr. created a visual arts program called “Behind these Prison Walls”. This very unique program gives a multidimensional approach to analyzing the criminal justice system through the arts. Our goal is to inform, educate, and empower individuals and steer at-risk youth away from the criminal justice system.



The mission of our program is to empower students by having them take responsibility for resolving conflicts. The exhibition will enhance social and emotional learning and help participants develop and strengthen skills in conflict resolution, anger management, and active listening strategies. We will also focus on improving student awareness to problems and behaviors that can lead to criminal activity. The importance of academic development is strongly expressed by critically analyzing the connection between literacy and incarceration.



This exhibition is a mobile art exhibition that an be transported to multiple  sites including colleges, schools and community centers. Information at event will be grade appropriate.


Exhibition includes


 Gallery exhibition

 Power-point presentation

 Panel discussion


 Lorenzo Steele Jr. is a vendor for the Board of Education. If you feel these services could be used in the areas of youth development, incident reduction, and college/career awareness please feel free to contact our organization.

















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